New World Faux is headed by Master Decorative Artisan Jennifer Karow who resides on the North Shore of Long Island. She attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC while also being an apprentice to different Master Decorative Artisans. This is how she became enamored with the idea of environmental art – creating art for people to live in. Karow consults with clients by not only asking questions about your project but also your personality, style, and ideal feeling tone to give you a truly unique and loved piece of artwork for your home or business. Karow is a multi-disciplinary artist with strong skills in painting, sculpting, computer, and stage arts which has given her a unique perspective on custom painting and plastering which can be seen in her works. With a large base knowledge of traditional interior adornment coupled with an insatiable love of new products and chemistry, Karow can help create the look you want with the durability you need. Works with designers, home owners, contractors, and other industry professionals.