How long and How much?

These are usually some of the first questions asked since this is all custom work, and the answer will change based on the finish you choose and size of the project. If time or budget are important issues, we recommend bringing them up during your consultation so that they can be addressed before you begin your custom project.

What if the walls need to be touched up?

Rest assured, you will be given some extra touch up paint just in case! But if you need help just ask, your unique finish’s recipe has been documented so that it may be recreated long after the touch up paint has dried out.

How do I care for my finish?

You will be given instructions at the end of your project on which cleaning products are appropriate, but when in doubt reach out- we are here to answer any questions.

Where can I find inspiration? I want something unique/just-like-this/similar-to-but-not-in-this-color…

The amount of options can be dizzying, but Pinterest is a great start! Save any and all pictures, fabric samples, patterns, motifs, concepts, etc. and present them during your consultation. They help give direction and offer visual aids for pointing out what you love and hate. Custom samples can be created to match colors and patterns so you can get a finish you absolutely adore.

What can I expect during a consultation?

We come to you! It is best to view the project in person so that the artist can gather important information about the condition and situation. We also have books for color reference for various specialty products in addition to custom samples to gain ideas from. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but seeing physical samples is worth a billion!

Do I get to keep my samples?

Usually the artist will keep the samples, but if it is necessary for you to keep your sample for color reference, they can be purchased or loaned if you already are in contract.