Traditional Venetian plasters have decorated history from as early as the Roman empire. Their beauty was unlocked by using real lime and marble dust mixed into a putty and then applied to surfaces far from the quarries they were mined from. The durability and range in luster make it a highly sought after finish, and in today’s Green market this is a perfect choice due to its ability to filter out toxins from the air. But these days, the sky is the limit, there are also acrylic versions which have been developed for more commercial spaces, as well as a multitude of patterns and additives to go from traditional to contemporary.


Did somebody say gold?! If you love Bling, don’t you feel that your space needs to be adorned with its own jewelry? Louis the 13th may have been limited to shades of gold and silver, but today there are literally a rainbow of options; not to mention holographic foils and hand dyed silver too. This category has been updated over the centuries, in my opinion, to encompass anything which can be applied which is not directly a paint. So a small list of other fun possibilities are: mica (powders, flakes, and sheets), glitter (of all custom colors, shapes, and sizes), rhinestones (yes, even Swarovski!), glass beads (measured in millimeter sizes), and more!


Patterns are very personal. They can be designed in a textural tone on tone finish which is meant to be viewed in natural or curated lighting to reveal a beautiful sophisticated minimalistic manipulation of light, or they can be big and bold and arrest your breath and gaze. Whether you need that pattern you fell in love with on Pinterest, or you need one custom created to match your favorite accent pillow, or you want to make your room seem larger, just ask and you shall be impressed by the power of pattern.


If you have ever felt bored by flat, singular colored paint then glaze will be your new best friend. They are in essence a semi-transparent paint which can be overlaid on a base paint for your desired effect. Glazes are also wonderful for enhancing 3D moldings which can often become lost with a single colored flat paint. There are so many applications for this popular option such as strie, faux bois, mottling, ombre, linen, etc. Let New World Faux help you choose what is best for you!